21/07 - The Weekend Project

I spent most of my weekend on the project below, had I not had the assistance of my brother I might still be making the drawers now.. They seriously took FOREVER!!!! I am so happy with them, they're perfect for makeup storage but there was I thinking the hard work was over and me came the fun bit.. I don't think I've ever had ALL of my makeup out like that before.. Quite overwhelming. It took a few hours to get everything straight but I love how its organised and the two units aren't full so I have room to grow which was what I wanted. Very happy girl!

The units are from Ikea and are called Alex, there is a tall 9 drawer version but I preferred the shallow drawers of this short, wide, 6 drawer version. Oh and yes I will be doing a full tour of it soon over on my beauty blog!


  1. Woah! Now that's a collection! :) x

  2. wow. great job, have you done video of that mess lol?

    nice organised ;-)