23/07 - Chimichangas

Anyone else remember when Cherry (was that her name?) in Two and a half men had chimichangas? She said it like chimi-chan-gas! Lol it's always what I think of.. Anyway I've been making burritos a lot lately and this week I decided to take it to another level and do a little shallow frying to bump them up to chimichanga status.. Ah-maze! So much more filling and delicious. Interested in a "recipe"? I use air quotes because its basically a mix of convenience foods with minimal cooking - lazy girls guide ;)


  1. I passed you and Ella coming out of Boots today. I would have said hello but by the time my brain registered that it was you, you were outside and getting your phone out of your bag.
    You looked like you were looking for something/someone so it didn't seem a good time for me to come bounding back out of Boots with a basket in my hand to say Hi.


  2. I'm loving mexican food atm. There's a pub near me that does a pulled pork burrito and I'm obsessed.

  3. How do you search generally for blog pages and bloggers? I'm retarded.