02/04 - Before

A couple of weeks ago you may remember my friend Danielle and I started the 30 Day Shred (an exercise video - google it) but failed to keep our momentum when we both had a dose of the current sickness bug doing the rounds. Well it's a new month and we decided to give it another go, and this time we remembered the "before" pictures to measure our (possible) results. In the hope that this will motivate (read:embarrass) us into persevering with the program I am sharing our current figures here and plan to keep you updated with our progress so if you don't hear me mention it again please feel free to kick my ass and tell me to get back at it! I'm not the worlds best at keeping a routine but after seeing Emma's results I am inspired, she's also had 2 csections and like her I suspect I will never have a flat stomach again but she lost inches and
that's pretty amazing in a month.


  1. Good luck with the shred! X

  2. Good luck!! I look forward to seeing your results. X

  3. I'm on with the 30 day squat thing, I want to tone up for summer, and with rumors in my fiances household that they are booking our summer holiday, no better time to start than now :D! Good luck!

    http://entirely-sarah.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  4. I started then stopped I found it quite hard and i know it will be to start but I obv didnt have enough motivation. look forward to following your progress and it will encourage me too. How often will you be reporting back to us?


  5. im doing 30 day shred too. had my second son in late october so need to lose a few inches. have you taken measurements? im aiming to lose 2inches from waist and hips, and doing the shred mon-fri. apparently its supposed to be done 5-6 days a week with 1-2 days off - from jillian herself. i burned myself out doing it daily last time

  6. I am starting the 30 Day Shred on Thursday. I have done it twice so far and it really works.